$290,000 a year, but no job description


“Taxpayers are no closer to understanding what exactly the highly-paid Crown-Māori Relations Minister does for a job”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Kelvin Davis is paid almost $290,000 a year, but his Crown-Māori Relations is without a job description after almost a year.


“After being asked in the House today what exactly he does as Minister, Kelvin said ‘an announcement will be made soon’.


“That is completely unacceptable and shows what a shambles this Government is.


“How are New Zealanders supposed to hold a Minister to account if we don’t know what he does?


“New Zealand has a sprawling, bloated Executive. We have 31 highly-paid politicians in the Executive. Many of them hold unnecessary portfolios and haven’t achieved anything concrete in ten months.


“ACT’s Smaller Government Bill will deliver fewer politicians and more accountability. New Zealand needs smaller, smarter government.”