ACT did more to build houses this weekend than Labour and National combined

ACT and Habitat for Humanity did more over the weekend to address the housing shortage than Labour and National combined, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Over the weekend, Labour announced new tax policies that would punish landlords and drive up rent, without getting a single new house built. Then National showed their paranoia over the housing crisis by lashing out at social housing providers.

“Meanwhile ACT and Habitat for Humanity actually got things done. I spent my Saturday building a Habitat for Humanity house in Newmarket, with help from Newmarket Rotary and St Cuthbert’s. When finished, it will be delivered to Kaikohe and become the home for a family of nine.

“The point is that actually getting homes built is far more effective than fiddling with tax rules, punishing landlords, or scapegoating housing providers, like the major parties did over the weekend.

“If one ACT MP can outperform the entire National and Labour caucuses, imagine what we could do with more MPs, and the balance of power?

“ACT understands that the only way to solve a housing shortage is to build houses. That’s why a stronger ACT will scrap red tape in land use and construction, actually getting homes built on the massive scale required to restore affordability.”