ACT is the voice of consistency amidst immigration hysteria

National’s latest u-turn shows that ACT is the only voice of calm on immigration, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Every party has gone haywire over immigration: National flip-flops, the Greens u-turn on their anti-immigration statements, and Winston Peters changes his stance depending on who he’s talking to.

“The Trump-wannabes have caused a populist bidding war over immigration cuts, creating serious uncertainty for businesses that rely on migrant labour.

“Now National has experienced the backlash.”

ACT Deputy Leader Beth Houlbrooke says that even if National loosen their rules for the regions, there will still be businesses struggling to fill roles.

“It’s not just farms and regional businesses that need workers. It’s aged care, it’s manufacturing, it’s doctors, it’s engineering,” says Mrs Houlbrooke. “And then there’s the tens of thousands of migrant builders we’ll need to fix our housing and infrastructure shortage.

“Only ACT is consistent and credible on immigration. We’ve constantly warned National about the backlash they’ll face from employers who rely on international talent.

“ACT welcomes peaceful and productive immigrants, and we’ll continue to defend the farms and enterprises that rely on their labour.

“With more MPs, we’ll make National address the housing and infrastructure shortage that underpins voters’ concern over population growth.”