ACT Leader Pays Tribute to Old Foe


ACT Leader David Seymour has today acknowledged Steven Joyce’s contribution to New Zealand politics.


“If Steven Joyce didn’t exist, we’d have to invent a new arch-enemy. Who else could sell Jim Anderton-esque corporate welfare and Soviet-style ‘economic development’ as business-friendly in a cool shade of blue?


“Thankfully, we will not have to invent a successor to Mr Joyce. When it comes to producing political heirs, Mr Joyce has been nearly as prolific as his namesake across the ditch.


“New corporate welfare czars and ‘economic developers’ are lining up to fill his place. Whether it be Simon “We Did It First” Bridges, Shane “Billion Trees” Jones, or David “Economic Development” Parker, Mr Joyce’s legacy will live on.


“By some estimates, National spent $13 billion on corporate welfare during its time in office. The new Government’s Provincial Growth Fund has simply given these handouts a new name.


“In all seriousness though, ACT wishes Mr Joyce well on his life outside politics”, says Mr Seymour.