Aussie Voters Seek to Deny Kiwis a Choice


“Australian opponents of assisted dying are seeking to undermine the democratic process here in New Zealand”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“This afternoon, I was shown an email from Right to Life Australia which urged their supporters to contact New Zealand Members of Parliament telling them to vote against my End of Life Choice Bill.


“MPs will have received many emails from opponents of my Bill. They now need to ask themselves how many of those emails actually came from New Zealand voters.


“Multiple polls conducted by reputable polling companies have consistently found that up to 75% of New Zealanders are in favour of legalising assisted dying with appropriate safeguards.


“We are used to the silent majority being drowned out by a vocal minority. New Zealand MPs have now found out that the minority opposed to assisted dying is so loud we can hear them from Australia”, says Mr Seymour.