MPs Vote for Choice and Compassion

BY ACT at 14 December, 2017


“Tonight, Parliament has taken a big first step towards providing choice and compassion for those suffering intolerably with a terminal illness”, ACT Leader David Seymour says.


“I welcome my parliamentary colleagues voting for my End of Life Choice Bill by 76 to 44.


“The Bill will now go to select committee where it will be examined in detail and where New Zealanders will be able to have their say on the issue.

Aussie Voters Seek to Deny Kiwis a Choice

BY ACT at 14 December, 2017


“Australian opponents of assisted dying are seeking to undermine the democratic process here in New Zealand”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“This afternoon, I was shown an email from Right to Life Australia which urged their supporters to contact New Zealand Members of Parliament telling them to vote against my End of Life Choice Bill.


“MPs will have received many emails from opponents of my Bill. They now need to ask themselves

Free Press -Measuring Child Neglect

BY ACT at 11 December, 2017


Child Neglect (poverty) The Prime Minister has staked her job on child neglect but what isn’t measured isn’t managed. How she will measure it is now career defining. Will it be a cop out, or will she do something that would give the average National minister palpitations and set a bold and measurable target?


The Cop-out option The real cop out was National’s when they said it child poverty couldn’t be measured, or

Environment Ministry Endorses ACT Policy to Scrap the RMA

BY ACT at 7 December, 2017


“The Environment Ministry has endorsed ACT policy to scrap the Resource Management Act in its Briefing to the Incoming Minister”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“David Parker’s officials have told him that the RMA has completely failed to deliver sufficient housing and infrastructure for New Zealanders and needs to be reformed root and branch. 


“The cost of housing is unacceptably high and has widened the gap between those who own houses and those

Pinning Robertson Would Be Easier If Nats Actually Cut Tax

BY ACT at 6 December, 2017


“National’s Finance Spokesman, Steven Joyce, fired a very frustrated opening salvo today in the coming battle over taxes,” according to ACT’s David Seymour.


“Mr Joyce couldn’t pin Mr Robertson because he is wrong that an earner on the average wage will be $1,060 per year worse off on April Fools’ Day 2018, and Mr Robertson is correct that an average earner without kids will pay the same tax rates as they do today.