Government’s Fees-Free Policy Will Widen Educational Inequality

BY ACT at 5 December, 2017

“Labour will tax hardworking New Zealanders to fund university for students that come from disproportionately upper and middle class families,” says ACT leader David Seymour.   “With $3 billion in new spending, and a plan to scrap Partnership Schools, this Government will widen the gap between those that are failed by our state schools and don’t make it to university, and those who have many choices available to them.   “Only 8% of kids that leave

Prime Minister Accidentally Endorses Partnership School Model!

BY ACT at 4 December, 2017


“The Prime Minister has said in her Post Cabinet Press Conference that Partnership Schools can stay open if they operate within the same budget, use registered teachers, and teach the [New Zealand] curriculum”, says ACT Party Leader David Seymour.


“As the Former Under Secretary responsible for the policy, and someone who helped design the original legislation in another life, I am well placed to give the Prime Minister some helpful advice: They are

Five Takeaways from Grant Robertson’s Big Speech

BY ACT at 1 December, 2017


Pessimism about the economy 


The Finance Minister confirmed that bank economists were warning of dark clouds approaching the New Zealand economy.


Business confidence has fallen to an 8-year low on the back of uncertainty over the new Government’s quixotic schemes.


Paying lip-service to fiscal discipline


In front of a business crowd, Robertson hit the right notes by talking about getting “value for money”.


ACT is deeply sceptical.


Greens Have Left Principles at the Beehive Door

BY ACT at 29 November, 2017


“Green Minister Eugenie Sage has forgotten her commitment to natural justice and due process when making the newly-announced restrictions on foreign investment retrospective,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. The Land Information Minister’s new foreign investment directive will mean the Government is shifting the goalposts on applicants who applied under the old rules, a clear violation of the principles of natural justice.“This from a Minister who, when in Opposition, railed against the then-Government’s attempts to subvert

Will National Be a Voice for Taxpayers?

BY ACT at 28 November, 2017


“Now that National has been declined leave for its flexible parental leave Bill to be introduced, will it vote against Labour’s massive new middle-class welfare scheme?”, asks ACT Leader David Seymour.


“This is a golden opportunity for National to stand up for taxpayers. Will they take it?”