Welcome back, Jacinda – you own the economy now

BY ACT at 1 August, 2018


“The Prime Minister will return to work tomorrow to inherit a flagging economy of her Government’s making”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“All signs point to an economy which is about to stall, with business confidence in free fall and unemployment now ticking up.


“This should come as no surprise: the Government has signalled higher taxes, and poor quality spending and regulation.


“The Prime Minister and her team should be focussed

Free Press, 30 July 2018

BY ACT at 1 August, 2018


Two Weeks to Conference


ACT’s Annual Conference is taking place in two weeks’ time on Sunday 12 August in Auckland. Following the members’ survey late last year and the regional forums earlier this year, it is the final chapter in the process of consulting members before relaunching the party proper in 2019. The Party President will be presenting the results of this consultation so far and options for the Party’s future. If you

$1 million for Victoria vanity project

BY ACT at 1 August, 2018


“Victoria University has confirmed that it will waste almost $1 million on a vanity project to rename the university”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


The ‘name simplification’ proposal was dumped last Friday evening after 7pm.


“The case for change is completely superficial and lacks credibility. There’s no good evidence that people overseas confuse Victoria University with other institutions.


“Changing the university’s name to the University of Wellington is unlikely to significantly

More ideas where Partnership Schools came from

BY ACT at 1 August, 2018


“The ACT Party congratulates Simon Bridges on coming around to Partnership Schools and promising to reinstate them when next in Government”, says Party Leader David Seymour. 


“Bridges admitted recently that he ‘didn’t think much’ of charter schools until he visited Vanguard Military School in April.


“ACT is the party of ideas and there are plenty more where Partnership Schools came from. 


Among other policies, ACT has pushed for:


A time limit

Printing money doesn’t create jobs

BY ACT at 1 August, 2018


“The Government’s new legislation directing the Reserve Bank to focus on employment in monetary policy decision making ignores the very simple fact that printing money doesn’t create jobs”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Monetary policy doesn’t affect employment in the long-term.


“Jobs are created when we have a world-class education system, a flexible labour market, and a sound welfare system. None of these things are related to monetary policy.


“If central banks were able to create