Climate action could cost you $10,000 a year

BY ACT at 26 July, 2018


Climate Change Minister James Shaw today confirmed that the average household could be $10,000 a year poorer as a result of his Zero Carbon Bill.


What is worse, the Minister was not able to say to what extent his Bill would contribute to reducing global temperatures, even after being given a second chance to answer the question.  


The Government’s Zero Carbon Bill discussion document, released last month, outlines a number of scenarios in which households are faced with

Govt admits defeat on charter schools

BY ACT at 24 July, 2018


The Government today has admitted defeat on charter schools by allowing six to remain open, says ACT Leader David Seymour. 


“However, there is still uncertainty over one school thanks to ministerial incompetence.


“Chris Hipkins has finally come to the realisation that the schools are lifting engagement and achievement for about 1500 students. 


“Charter schools are a popular ACT idea – 57 per cent of New Zealanders believe they should stay open.



Capital Gains Tax coming, will be paid by renters

BY ACT at 24 July, 2018


“The Finance Minister’s answers in the House this afternoon show he clearly favours the introduction of a fully-fledged capital gains tax”, ACT Leader David Seymour says.


“Grant Robertson said there was “no doubt” investment needed to be shifted away from the housing market. 


“The Government has ruled out taxing the family, and therefore the largest asset class a CGT would cover is our stock of rental housing. 


“In background papers released online,

Free Press, 23 July 2018

BY ACT at 24 July, 2018


2018 Annual Conference


Freedom, Choice and Responsibility – Does it exist under this Government? That’s the theme of this year’s ACT’s Annual Conference on Sunday, 12 August. Please register here for the most thought provoking political conference of the year.


Stellar Speakers


ACT has always been the party of ideas. Just look at politics today: The current socialist government has kept all of National’s policies. It is ACT’s contribution to the previous

Free Press, 3 July 2018

BY ACT at 9 July, 2018


Welfare for Wellywood


This last weekend Matt Nippert at the Herald lifted the lid on just how powerful Wellywood is when it comes to extracting concessions from New Zealand taxpayers.


Kiwis have paid out $600m in corporate welfare to international film and television producers since 2010 for minimal gain.


It’s unacceptable that a young couple saving for a mortgage are paying tax so that Scarlett Johansson can take home a bigger pay