Valentyn Santhara Elected as Youth MP for Epsom

BY ACT at 14 October, 2018


ACT Leader and MP for Epsom David Seymour congratulates Valentyn Santhara on being elected Youth MP for Epsom 2019. 


“Today, Epsom high school students had their say and elected Valentyn Santhara to represent them and the electorate in Youth Parliament 2019 as Youth MP for Epsom,” says Mr Seymour.


“Valentyn will head to Wellington next year as the only Youth MP democratically elected to Youth Parliament.


“Valentyn has shown political nous,

National Party Hypocrisy on Frivolous Waste

BY ACT at 10 October, 2018


“The National Party’s support for today’s Taxpayers’ Union’s Inaugural Jonesie Awards smacks of hypocrisy at its finest,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Today’s awards hosted in Parliament by National Party MP Chris Penk saw three golden sows presented for the worst government waste in a year.


“The Central Government award for waste went to the New Zealand Film Commission for paying producers of the TV show “Power Ranges” $1.6 million to reference

ACT Would Abolish Role of Human Rights Commissioner

BY ACT at 3 October, 2018


“The announcement of Paul Hunt as Chief Human Rights Commissioner is the latest appointment to an unnecessary, overpaid, taxpayer-funded job,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 


“Apart from sporadically telling New Zealanders what to think, say, and do, there appears to be little point to the role of the Human Rights Commissioner. 


“The Acting Human Rights Commissioner was completely silent during the Massey University-Dr Don Brash debacle, failing to stand up for

Scrap First Year Fees-Free To Pay Teachers More

BY ACT at 3 October, 2018


“The Government could provide a decent pay rise for teachers by cutting the first year fees-free tertiary education policy and using it to pay teachers more,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.


Today, secondary school teachers have threatened to strike if the government doesn’t improve its pay offer following the first primary schools teachers’ strike in 24 years.


“The Government clearly has its priorities back to front,” says Mr Seymour.


“Despite funnelling

Candidates for Epsom Electorate are In

BY ACT at 1 October, 2018


This Sunday applications closed for candidates to put their hands up to represent Epsom at Youth Parliament 2019. 


Three politically-astute candidates put themselves forward, nominated by two students each for the role.


Unlike other MPs, David Seymour is putting the selection of Youth MP for Epsom in the hands of the students of Epsom.


“Out of 120 Youth MPs, Epsom’s Youth MP will be the only one elected by their