Bolger appointment shows Labour and National indistinguishable


The appointment of a former National Prime Minister to a Labour-led Government’s working group shows the parties have become virtually indistinguishable, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“The major parties have implicitly agreed on the rules of the game. Labour has a more caring face. National says it can do the job just a bit more efficiently. The similarities are striking.


“Key and English didn’t reduce the tax burden for New Zealanders and neither will Labour. Neither did the Nats touch Labour’s middle-class welfare schemes like Working for Families.


“Shane Jones is carrying on from where Simon Bridges left off when it comes to corporate welfare.


“Both parties are too weak to touch superannuation and the Resource Management Act.


“Labour and National are both convinced that pouring more money in social services will fix them, and are reduced to arguing over who has spent more.


“Both major parties have become protectionist and want to shut down immigration and investment.


“Neither seems to have a plan to grow productivity and wages.


“But voters do have a choice.


“ACT is committed to cutting wasteful spending and taxes, dealing with housing costs and superannuation, and fixing the structural problems that plague our social services”, says Mr Seymour.