Boris Johnson, embrace free movement between NZ, Australia, UK, and Canada

As British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson winds up his visit, ACT Leader David Seymour is renewing calls for the introduction of a free movement zone between New Zealand and historic allies Australia, Britain, and Canada.

“In a joint statement today, Gerry Brownlee and Boris Johnson said ‘Our two countries enjoy and promote shared values – open, liberal markets, peace and security, human rights, democracy and respect for international norms.’

“This holds true for Australia and Canada too.

“Boris has been vocal in his support for easier migration between these countries in the past, and he understands the importance of breaking down barriers between historical partners as Britain looks away from the EU.

“It could be as simple as expanding the successful bilateral migration arrangement we already have with Australia.

“The classic Kiwi OE is vital to our strong international relationships. An embrace of ‘CANZUK’ will allow for the free exchange of people and ideas between nations that share the same language and classical liberal values.

“New Zealand already has strong ties with these Commonwealth nations, through families, friends and businesses. It’s time for Boris to take the idea to the Cabinet table in London.”