Bridges must commit to rolling back fuel taxes


“Simon Bridges must publicly commit to rolling back Labour’s increased fuel taxes”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“The National Party is running a campaign to ‘stop the fuel tax’ while its leader is unwilling to say whether he will scrap them.


“National Party under Simon Bridges believes it can return to Government by presenting itself as a more competent version of Labour. It has lost track of what it stands for.


“ACT would give local councils a share of the GST collected from the construction of new housing, helping them cover infrastructure costs.


“In 2016 there was about $16 billion worth of construction activity. 15 per cent of that is $2.4 billion. Sharing half of that with councils would wipe out Auckland’s current transport infrastructure deficit overnight.”


“This Government began with a $18 billion surplus over four years. It should not require new taxes to implement its policies”, says Mr Seymour.