Bridges weak tax promise isn’t good enough


“Simon Bridges’ lukewarm commitment to lower taxes shone through this morning”, according to ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Bridges could have given a cast iron guarantee to reduce the tax burden faced by hardworking Kiwis. All he could do was commit to returning us to the status quo that existed prior to the election by reversing the Auckland regional fuel tax. That is simply not good enough.


“John Key and Bill English fought four elections on the promise of lowering the tax burden on New Zealanders.


“They then proceeded to introduce about 20 taxes and levies, including additional petrol taxes.


“National can’t be trusted on taxes. Bridges’ commitment is particularly questionable given he was considering higher fuel taxes prior to the election.


“ACT’s message to New Zealanders is simple: If you work hard, you will be able to get ahead by keeping more of what you earn. Every other political party has their hand deep in your back pocket”, says Mr Seymour.