Building consents should mean funding for local infrastructure

ACT would allow local councils to collect an extra $150 million for infrastructure based on March’s consenting figures, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT’s housing policy would see local councils collect half the GST from building in their area, for use on infrastructure. This means March’s $2 billion in new consents would signal an extra $150 million for roads, public transport, stormwater, and so on – all of which are desperately needed with new homes.

“ACT’s policy to connect infrastructure funding with building would incentivise councils to approve development, and ensure existing infrastructure isn’t overloaded.

“ACT’s approach stands in stark contrast to National’s announcement yesterday: National plans infrastructure from the top down, based on political motives, while ACT would arm local councils with the tools to respond to local infrastructure needs.

“New Zealanders understand that our desperate housing needs come with desperate infrastructure needs. Only ACT will ensure these needs are met automatically, not via arbitrary political diktat.”