Free Press -Monday 15 October 2015

BY ACT at 15 October, 2018

Noisy Neighbours

We have no idea what is going on with our friends in the National Party but just some days we are glad not to have too big a caucus in ACT. We know lawyers and accountants charge like wounded bulls. Free Press hopes that investigating who leaked that Simon Bridges spent $113,973 on expenses did not cost the taxpayer more than $113,973. The real pity, however, is that serious policy will be overshadowed

Valentyn Santhara Elected as Youth MP for Epsom

BY ACT at 14 October, 2018


ACT Leader and MP for Epsom David Seymour congratulates Valentyn Santhara on being elected Youth MP for Epsom 2019. 


“Today, Epsom high school students had their say and elected Valentyn Santhara to represent them and the electorate in Youth Parliament 2019 as Youth MP for Epsom,” says Mr Seymour.


“Valentyn will head to Wellington next year as the only Youth MP democratically elected to Youth Parliament.


“Valentyn has shown political nous,

Speech -Raising the Quality of Policy Debate

BY ACT at 10 October, 2018

David Seymour to the University of Canterbury Politics Society

Wednesday 10 October


You only have to look at the recent issue of fuel prices to see how low quality our political debate is in New Zealand.

Any politician who is vaguely in touch with the community will know that people are hurting. I spoke to a taxi driver this morning who told me that even with a hybrid, petrol price rises have taken three

National Party Hypocrisy on Frivolous Waste

BY ACT at 10 October, 2018


“The National Party’s support for today’s Taxpayers’ Union’s Inaugural Jonesie Awards smacks of hypocrisy at its finest,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Today’s awards hosted in Parliament by National Party MP Chris Penk saw three golden sows presented for the worst government waste in a year.


“The Central Government award for waste went to the New Zealand Film Commission for paying producers of the TV show “Power Ranges” $1.6 million to reference

Free Press Monday 8 October -The Unmentioned Petrol Tax

BY ACT at 9 October, 2018

Why are petrol prices so high?

Petrol prices have risen by around 25 per cent from $2 to $2.50 since the change of Government. But why are petrol prices so high? Since the current Government was formed last October the price of crude oil has risen 49 per cent $51 per barrel to a peak of $76 last week. Crude is sold in USD, and we’ve gone from $1.40 to $1.55 NZD per U.S. dollar