Free Press Monday 18 February 2018

BY ACT at 20 February, 2018

Last Week in Parliament

The Government continued to roll out unimaginative and damaging legislation. The bill to abolish Partnership Schools shows a Government with no vision other than ideological utu and union payback. David Seymour ripped into them here. Jacinda Ardern’s pet project of Child Poverty Reduction is not about child poverty but measuring differences in income. Here is Seymour on the bill.

Government in Trouble on Partnership Schools

Even students think student

Free Press Monday 12 February 2018

BY David Seymour at 12 February, 2018

Massive Success

Thank you to those who came out to the very short notice and very wet, but very well attended and very well reported rally to save Partnership Schools. We had always wondered how protests happened, when you get a passionate group of people they easily spill out and take over the streets. You can watch TV3’s coverage here.

Keeping the Momentum Going

The public backlash against closing Partnership Schools has been phenomenal.

Free Press Monday 5th February 2018

BY ACT at 5 February, 2018

Last Week in Parliament

The Government introduced legislation to prevent MPs leaving their party. David Seymour pointed out in the House it was fundamentally because of Winston Peters’ paranoia that his MPs would abandon him (but Free Press has recognized a second reason, see below). They introduced legislation to allow teachers to elect members of the Education Council. Some even claimed this would help the teacher shortage, Seymour pointed out that paying them

Free Press Monday 29 January 2018

BY ACT at 5 February, 2018

We’re Back

Free Press would like to welcome all our readers for another year. 2018 will bring a major private members bill, a surprise or two, and a rebuilt and retooled party to launch. Strap yourself in and hold on for the ride.

EoLC Submissions Close February 20

The End of Life Choice Bill is before the Justice Select Committee who are taking submissions. If you’d like to show your support for the bill, it

Free Press -Measuring Child Neglect

BY ACT at 11 December, 2017


Child Neglect (poverty) The Prime Minister has staked her job on child neglect but what isn’t measured isn’t managed. How she will measure it is now career defining. Will it be a cop out, or will she do something that would give the average National minister palpitations and set a bold and measurable target?


The Cop-out option The real cop out was National’s when they said it child poverty couldn’t be measured, or