Free Press, 3 July 2018

BY ACT at 9 July, 2018


Welfare for Wellywood


This last weekend Matt Nippert at the Herald lifted the lid on just how powerful Wellywood is when it comes to extracting concessions from New Zealand taxpayers.


Kiwis have paid out $600m in corporate welfare to international film and television producers since 2010 for minimal gain.


It’s unacceptable that a young couple saving for a mortgage are paying tax so that Scarlett Johansson can take home a bigger pay

Free Press, 25 June 2018

BY ACT at 1 July, 2018


Free Press, 25 June


Wonderful news


The news that the Prime Minister delivered a baby girl on Thursday is wonderful. We extend our congratulations to Jacinda and Clarke and wish them all the very best as they take time off to be with their newborn.


A superficial housing solution


Phil Twyford is trying to convince construction firms and investors to begin building prefab houses in New Zealand in order to meet

Free Press, 18 June

BY ACT at 25 June, 2018


Yet another tax?


The Government is proposing to slap yet another tax on the economy – this time on our biggest export earner. International visitors could be paying $35 more to come here from next year.


The official advice shows the tax will see fewer visitors and tourism revenue coming into New Zealand as a result.


Tourists already pay their way


International visitors already pay $3.4 billion in

Free Press, 11 June

BY ACT at 12 June, 2018


Cowboy student politicians


Just when we thought the decision to ban offshore oil and gas exploration couldn’t get any worse, it does.


The former student politicians running the Government have ignored the important principle that significant and controversial issues must be decided collectively by Cabinet.


Without any advice and without talking to those affected, three party leaders have decided the fate of an industry. That is no way to run a

Free Press, 28 May 2018

BY ACT at 29 May, 2018




Advance voting starts today in the Northcote by-election. Those registered to vote in the electorate can find their nearest voting place here:




ACT’s candidate, Stephen Berry, is a maverick. He finished third in the Auckland mayoralty race and led the ‘Len Brown Stand Down’ protest march.


Stephen’s also a self-made man. He left school at 16 to work at a supermarket. Now he