Auckland’s poor hit hardest by new tax

BY ACT at 5 June, 2018


The poorest Aucklanders will be hurt the most by Phil Twyford’s new fuel tax, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


Auckland Council today voted in favour of a regional fuel tax.


“The Finance Minister doled out $40 a week to many families with children in his ‘Families Package’.


“Now the Transport Minister will take back the equivalent of four weeks’ worth of payments with a new tax that will cost the average household $160 a year”,

Repeal of three strikes sends wrong message

BY ACT at 31 May, 2018


The Government’s decision to repeal the three strikes law sends the wrong message to the worst recidivist offenders, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“It is critical that our law sends a strong signal that serious repeat offending will not be tolerated.


“Andrew Little’s decision to repeal three strikes and allow the worst offenders out of jail early is a step in the wrong direction.


“The Justice Minister’s suggestion that the law

Head of welfare group makes basic factual errors

BY ACT at 31 May, 2018


The head of Labour’s ‘expert’ group set up to review the welfare system needs to get up to speed quickly, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


Talking to Newstalk ZB’s Chris Lynch on Monday morning, Professor Cindy Kiro made a number of basic factual errors.


“Kiro claimed that ‘sole parents constitute…less than 2 per cent of benefit dependants’ when they actually make up 22 per cent of benefit dependants.


“She went on

Partisan health review a joke

BY ACT at 29 May, 2018


The Government’s announcement that a review of the health system will be run by an advisor to the Prime Minister shows it is a completely partisan affair, says David Seymour.


“Heather Simpson is still listed as being employed in the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s office.


“There is no way that this review can deliver an objective and impartial view of the problems facing our health system.


“It is a completely political

Millions in handouts for well-off Kiwis

BY ACT at 24 May, 2018


The Government is set to give away tens of millions in ‘winter energy payments’ to well-off older New Zealanders, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Almost 9 per cent of superannuitants earn over $60,000 a year – more than New Zealand’s median income and three times the pension.


“Yet the Government will give tens of millions to this group because it believes they need help to pay their power bills.


“This epitomises a Government that taxes