Chaos on the left creates huge opportunity on red tape, tax

“With the political left in chaos, there’s a massive opportunity to replace the RMA and cut taxes. Yet National muddles,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“While the parties of the left cannibalise each other, National should be blindsiding them with radical announcements of cutting tax and red tape. They probably wouldn’t even notice.

“Instead, National offers us tinkering (yet another infrastructure agency) and election bribes (increases to Working for Families Payments).

“This is why we need a stronger ACT – to give the Government vision and a spine.

“With more MPs after the election, ACT will force National to keep their promises: restore affordability to housing by replacing the RMA, ensure no-one pays more than a 25% income tax rate, and bring company tax down to one of the most competitive rates in the developed world.

“These also happen to be the priorities announced today by Business NZ. And new reports today show red tape borne by the RMA continues to stall developments and increase the housing shortage.

“With the left’s incompetence and National’s complacency, the only way to see radical progress on cutting red tape and tax is to elect more ACT MPs. It takes just 1.2% of the Party Vote to elect a second ACT MP, 2.0% for a third, and so on.”

David Seymour’s new book, Own Your Future, is launched this Sunday and will outline successive governments’ failures on tax, red tape, and more.