Does Simon Bridges believe in anything?


Another flip-flop from National on tax shows it can’t be trusted to stick up for Kiwi taxpayers, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“This morning on the AM Show, Bridges said that the regional fuel tax would be gone ‘in short order’ if a National Government was elected.


“But just a few weeks ago he said it might be too difficult to roll back the Twyford Tax.


“This is the second backflip in seven days. Last week Amy Adams tried to catch Grant Robertson out on ‘bracket creep’ when he appeared before the Finance and Expenditure Committee.


“In 2004, John Key lampooned the Labour for its refusal to end bracket creep. The government he led then did nothing, taking an extra $2.1 billion from the taxpayer between 2011 and 2017 as inflation pushed Kiwis into higher tax brackets. Now the Nats are back to campaigning against stealth tax hikes.


“National’s flip-flopping is just another example of its tendency to campaign from the right and govern from the left.


“It can’t be trusted to stick up for taxpayers, says Mr Seymour.