Education talk-fest ignores charter school success


“Kelvin Davis’ proposal for an ‘education conversation’ ignores the fact that Maori are making real progress within charter schools”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“The Government is calling for ideas on how to lift Maori educational achievement and engagement.


“Davis could have just asked his Ministry of Education officials. A couple of weeks ago they released an independent report which shows charter schools are doing just that.


“Instead, his Government’s response has been to ignore the evidence, choosing ‘dogma over data’ as Lisa Owen put it on the weekend.


“Davis knows charter schools are working for Maori. That’s why he said he would resign if the charter schools in his electorate were closed.


“The Maori caucus have been missing in action – silenced by a Government doing the bidding of the teachers’ unions.


“The Government’s decision to strip away the opportunities afforded to 1300 students, many of whom are Maori, will do lasting damage to that community”, says Mr Seymour.