Environment Ministry Endorses ACT Policy to Scrap the RMA


“The Environment Ministry has endorsed ACT policy to scrap the Resource Management Act in its Briefing to the Incoming Minister”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“David Parker’s officials have told him that the RMA has completely failed to deliver sufficient housing and infrastructure for New Zealanders and needs to be reformed root and branch. 


“The cost of housing is unacceptably high and has widened the gap between those who own houses and those who don’t.


“ACT has consistently advocated for creating separate urban development legislation, prioritising land supply, and reducing red tape on developers. 


“As with so many issues, National failed to use their power to reform the RMA when they had the chance. 


“It is critical that the Nats now work with the Government in order to achieve these important reforms.


“New Zealand has reformed its resource management laws every 25 years for a century – in 1926, 1953, 1977 and 1991. We are now overdue for the kind of rewrite the Ministry recommends”, says Mr Seymour.