Govt Easily Blunts Nats’ Corporate Welfare Attack


“This afternoon, we witnessed in striking terms that National is no longer a credible voice for taxpayers”, says ACT Leader David Seymour. 


“During Question Time, Simon Bridges got zero traction while trying to attack the Prime Minister over the Provincial Growth Fund because, until 6 months ago, he was running the corporate welfare policies he is now seeking to discredit.


“Steven Joyce later desperately tried to claim credit for funding all of the handouts in the Provincial Growth Fund, despite warnings of fraud and waste. 


“There is now a political consensus between the three Government parties and National that spending more taxpayer money can solve any problem.


“This approach invites fraud and waste, and we are now starting to see the Bridges/Jones corporate welfare machine stutter. 


“National is simply not credible on this issue. 


“If Mr Bridges wants to be Prime Minister, he will need an ACT Party which does represent freedom, choice and responsibility”, says Mr Seymour.