Grant Robertson’s $4m Hollow Elephant

“The Government’s announced $4m Tax Working Group has already ruled out so many options it should be pronounced Dead on Arrival and stopped” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Its terms of reference make it so barren it is reminiscent of Grant Robertson’s overegged ‘Future of Work’ project, which ended up reading like a c-grade social studies project.  The problem is now he’s playing with other people’s money, and the remaining ‘in-scope’ parts are dangerous and stupid.

“The terms of reference rule out changes to income tax, GST, an inheritance tax, tax on the family home, and international tax reform. Some of the things left are already being addressed by the Business Transformation Program, the previous Government’s Brightline Test on home sales. What’s left can do real harm.

“Putting exemptions into GST or multiple company tax rates would be a nightmare for people trying to run businesses, but wonderful news for their tax lawyers and accountants”

“Not only would these changes themselves be bad news, but families and businesses face three years of uncertainty about what the final shape of any tax package might look like. This kind of uncertainty is why economic forecsts are already being revised down under this Government.

“Even though the government’s tax take is far too high, our tax system is well-regarded among OECD countries. That status is under threat.

“For 9 years, the National Party spoke from the right and governed from the left. At least now we have a Government that’s upfront about it’s socialism. They should be more upfront and cancel this $4m hollow elephant.

“Only the ACT Party remains committed to allowing families and businesses to keep what they earn. Ultimately, they – and not pandering politicians – know how to spend their money best.”