Hawaii shows New Zealand the way on Assisted Dying


“Hawaiian Senators have shown true compassion to people suffering from terminal illnesses,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. “Last week the “Our Care, Our Choice Act” passed the Senate with near unanimous support, 23-2, in favour of assisted dying and end of life choice.”


“Hawaii will now become the seventh U.S. state to legalise assisted dying following California, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington.”


It follows overwhelming support of assisted dying in Hawaii with the House of Representatives voting 39-12 in favour of the law change and the Bill gaining Hawaiian Governor David Ige’s personal endorsement, as well as support from the Department of the Attorney General and the Department of Health.


“I’m encouraged to see courageous steps being taken on assisted dying overseas while our Justice Committee is considering the End of Life Choice Bill and over 30,000 public submissions in New Zealand.”


“It shows that New Zealand is not a world-leader on assisted dying and there is vast international evidence and expertise available for the Committee to study when reviewing the Bill.”


“There is now over 120 million people living in a jurisdiction with assisted dying laws.”


“It’s time that New Zealand followed Hawaii, Victoria, California, and Canada which have legalised assisted dying in the last two years, and returns to our tradition of liberal reform.”