Hipkins Creates More Partnership School Confusion

“Education Minister Chris Hipkins has caused more confusion to Partnership Schools and their students by reinstating the Education (Charter Schools for Public Good Not Profit) Bill,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.”

“Does he intend for the schools to continue while disallowing profit, to close them, or was the resinstatement of this bill another administrative error in the opening of parliament?”

“ACT has called on the Minister to make a clear and trasparent policy statement as to what these schools can expect. Partnership Schools should be told what to expect from the new Government rather than a series of media gaffes creating confusion.”

“Let us remember this concerns over 1200 children and their families, as well as nearly 100 staff and principals of these schools.”

“On the weekend Mr Hipkins said he would not allow any new schools to open in 2019 but might allow new schools to open in 2018. By Tuesday he told Mike Hosking he was seeking advice. School operators need to know what the truth is so they can plan.”

“Mr Hipkins is a Minister now, he has responsibilities, he should put out an official statement rather than contradict himself in the media. Otherwise it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that he is using confusion to erode confidence in the schools.”