How would a Bridges-led Govt be different?


“Simon Bridges has failed to make clear how a Government he leads would be different to the current occupants of the Beehive”, ACT Leader David Seymour says.


“His weak response to the Government’s likely Budget while talking to Stuff this morning shows why the centre-right needs a strong ACT.


“Bridges wouldn’t commit to cancelling the $3 billion fees-free scheme that will deliver free degrees for tomorrow’s elite.


“The Leader of the Opposition couldn’t guarantee that a Government he led would reverse the bright-line test/capital gains tax.


“Bridges has never committed to rolling back the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund which will hand $3 billion in corporate welfare to the regions.


“This morning he did criticise the Government’s fuel tax hike, but this will ring hollow given he was considering doing the same as Transport Minister just a few months ago.


“National lacks the fortitude to reverse socialist policies when they get the chance.


“You only have to recall recent history to predict how National will behave when it regains the Treasury benches. John Key called Working for Families as ‘communism by stealth’ and then retained it.


“New Zealanders who care about freedom, choice, and personal responsibility deserve a clear centre-right alternative.


“ACT is committed to reversing Labour’s tax and spend policies and delivering meaningful tax cuts as part of the next centre-right government”, says Mr Seymour.