Jones Will Send NZ Down Corruption Perceptions Index


“Jacinda Ardern needs to tell Shane Jones to pull his head in after he said he wants to personally sign $19.9 million cheques from the Provincial Growth Fund”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Shane Jones is not known for his self-control.


“If we can’t trust him with a ministerial credit card, how on earth can we expect him to show restraint with a $3 billion fund and NZ First’s political survival hanging by a thread?


“Such an arrangement would see New Zealand tumbling down the Corruption Perceptions Index as Jones tries to buy the Northland, Whangarei and Wairarapa electorates.


“Larger projects need more scrutiny, not less.


“With all three government parties lining up to spend your money, and National unwilling to criticise such largesse, ACT is the only party standing with taxpayers”, says Mr Seymour.