Just how far did Metiria go?

Metiria Turei’s admission that she was maximising her own profits at the expense of taxpayers and her family shows that there is more she’s hiding, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

On Morning Report today she said ‘I drew on as many of the resources that I could, as people do’ in explaining why she lied about her circumstances while living with family.

“No Metiria, thieving from the taxpayer is not something that everyday people just ‘do’.

“Her admission of such a self-serving attitude raises more questions. How far was she willing to go to ‘draw on resources’?

“What were her full income sources? How many family members did she have supporting her? How much undeclared assistance did she have with raising her child?

“The Greens are now bleeding credibility, bleeding MPs, and bleeding voter support. It’s gruesome, but the fiasco is set to linger on as more information emerges day by day.

“Metiria Turei should put her party, her voters and the genuinely struggling New Zealanders she has let down out of their misery by fronting up and resigning today.”