Labour set to kill GDP growth with immigration cuts

“On immigration, Labour is even more confused than National,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Labour has constantly stated that New Zealand’s high GDP growth is caused by immigration. Now their fiscal plan depends on this growth rate continuing, despite their plan to cut immigration by up to 30,000 people.

“This shambolic approach to economic planning was highlighted in Andrew Little’s interview on Breakfast this morning. It’s a wonder BERL ever signed off on it.

“The massive immigration cuts Labour proposes would cripple economic growth and render Labour’s spending hikes unaffordable. They’re in complete denial of the labour shortage we have in aged care, construction, and on our farms.

“As MP for Epsom, I meet employers who even under current rules struggle to fill roles. By restricting their access to international talent we restrict their ability to grow their businesses, pay tax, and provide services for Kiwi consumers.

“At least National is beginning to u-turn on their planned immigration cuts. But ultimately, only ACT is consistent on this issue. We welcome peaceful and productive migrants who can pay tax and help close our housing and infrastructure shortfall.”