Labour’s Coalition immigration cuts lethal to New Zealand’s economy

Infometrics Chief forecaster, Gareth Kiernan, announced today that a dramatic slash to immigration would have a lethal impact on the New Zealand economy.

“Labour’s chaotic coalition and their proposed policies to cut immigration would decimate the economy,” said ACT Leader David Seymour. “These immigration cuts would annihilate business, impact GDP and inflation while leaving the consumers to burden the higher costs.

“Selling out to the anti-immigrant talking points of Winston Peters shows just how much danger Little’s proposed Labour-Greens-New Zealand First coalition creates for New Zealand.

“New Zealand needs qualified immigrations to keep our economy strong, to build housing, and support our elderly in aged care homes; Andrew Little and his coalition are hopeless.

“The next National-led government must stop this populist anti-immigrant hysteria from the left and ACT will continue to defend peaceful and productive immigrants, allowing businesses to access the labour they desperately crave.”