More ideas where Partnership Schools came from


“The ACT Party congratulates Simon Bridges on coming around to Partnership Schools and promising to reinstate them when next in Government”, says Party Leader David Seymour. 


“Bridges admitted recently that he ‘didn’t think much’ of charter schools until he visited Vanguard Military School in April.


“ACT is the party of ideas and there are plenty more where Partnership Schools came from. 


Among other policies, ACT has pushed for:


  • A time limit on welfare with “income management” being applied to beneficiaries when those limits are reached.
  • Rewarding prisoners who complete rehabilitation programmes in jail with reduced sentences.
  • Raising the retirement age to 67.


“Delegates at this weekend’s National Party conference should also be asking whether the Party will roll back Working for Families, Fees-Free, the Winter Energy Payment, and the Provincial Growth Fund.


“Will National replace rather than tinker with the Resource Management Act, bring back 90-day trials, and reintroduce offshore oil and gas exploration?


“Delegates disappointed at the answers should consider supporting ACT in 2020”, says Mr Seymour.