National Party infighting costs households $1200


“Comments by former Health Minister Jonathan Coleman show that National cannot be trusted to cut taxes when it returns to Government”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Mr Coleman made clear there are many National MPs who support even greater government spending instead of returning money to those who earned it.


“Last year’s PREFU showed the National Government had boosted its bank balance by overtaxing New Zealanders to the tune of $2.1 billion, or $1200 per household.


“The fact that massive future surpluses couldn’t persuade National to cut taxes is simply extraordinary.


“The reason we have an Ardern-Peters government wasting taxpayers money on bribes for the provinces and fees-free rorts is that the Nats refused to cut taxes.


“Labour and National are running a giant Ponzi scheme with New Zealanders’ money. They’re taking more and more taxpayer money and spending it on panicked quick fixes to solve crises they have created over the past 18 years, and then they pretend they’re doing us a favour.


“New Zealanders could use that money better themselves, for saving, investing or spending.


“The centre-right needs a strong ACT to deliver meaningful tax cuts, letting hardworking New Zealanders keep their own money”, says Mr Seymour.