Police Commissioner Must Resign

BY ACT at 15 March, 2018


“The Police Commissioner had a chance to take responsibility for his officers breaking the law and, having ducked the issue, is not fit for office,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Requiring police to follow the law is what separates a free society like New Zealand from becoming a police state.


“The Privacy Commissioner clearly understands the principle at stake when he ruled that Police had invaded people’s privacy. He said ‘The primary

Seymour Welcomes Operation Painter Findings

BY ACT at 15 March, 2018


ACT Leader David Seymour has welcomed the findings of the Privacy Commissioner’s investigation into Operation Painter.


“The Police have channelled an Orwellian Police State by engaging in activity you’d expect from the KGB.”


“A ban on assisted dying has forced reasonable choice underground and invited corruption.”


“For 120 million people worldwide end of life choice is a legal choice. The raids, intimidation and scare tactics used on law-abiding New Zealanders by

ACT Forces Tobacco Tax Backdown

BY ACT at 15 March, 2018


ACT Leader David Seymour has welcomed the Associate Health Minister’s backdown on tobacco taxes.


“Just two weeks ago, Jenny Salesa was neglecting her basic ministerial duties by not answering written parliamentary questions on tobacco taxes. I had to highlight this in a press release in order to get some answers.


“She eventually answered by saying she didn’t believe smokers were paying too much tax, she hadn’t asked for advice on

Young Labour Incident: Has Obstruction of Justice Taken Place?

BY ACT at 15 March, 2018


The Labour Party has relied on reviews for every real and imagined problem it faces, from housing to education to mental health, however using a review to duck responsibility for the Young Labour scandal is a new low. The questions it needs to ask are actually very simple ones:


Who knew about the alleged incidents that took place at the Young Labour camp and when did they know them?


Did they follow

Cut Corporate Welfare Before Going After ‘Rich Pricks’

BY ACT at 14 March, 2018


“The Government should be focussed on reducing wasteful spending before introducing new taxes”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“$1.6 billion of corporate welfare is doled out to politically-connected businesses each year. If Grant Robertson was able to do away with this expenditure, he would be able to cut the corporate tax rate by 6 percentage points – boosting wages, jobs, and growth – rather than increasing it as he intends.


“The outcome