Welfare for Winston plain wrong

BY ACT at 3 July, 2018


“Winston Peters’ admission that he won’t be opting-out of the winter energy payment scheme shows what is wrong with universal welfare”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


ACT has calculated that approximately $73 million will be spent on winter energy payments for wealthy pensioners like Mr Peters who earns over $330,000 a year.


“The Government has an aversion to means-testing.


“So instead of targeting handouts at disadvantaged New Zealanders, it is using

$73m for well-off older Kiwis

BY ACT at 2 July, 2018


Today all New Zealand taxpayers will start paying the winter power bills of well-off pensioners, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Around 9 per cent of superannuitants earn over $60,000 a year – more than the median income and three times the level of the pension.


“Their slice of winter energy payments will cost taxpayers about $73 million.


“This epitomises a Government that taxes with impunity and throws money around without reflecting on

Seymour supports principals’ call

BY ACT at 1 July, 2018


Epsom MP and ACT Leader David Seymour is strongly supporting the coalition of principals questioning Education Minister Chris Hipkins’ NCEA Review after 40 principals representing 45,000 students signed an open letter to the Minister in today’s national papers.

“Principals from six out of seven major secondary schools in the Epsom Electorate, including State, Integrated and Independent Schools, have joined forces, calling Mr Hipkins’ NCEA Review a ‘fraught process.’ As the MP for Epsom, I

Free Press, 25 June 2018

BY ACT at 1 July, 2018


Free Press, 25 June


Wonderful news


The news that the Prime Minister delivered a baby girl on Thursday is wonderful. We extend our congratulations to Jacinda and Clarke and wish them all the very best as they take time off to be with their newborn.


A superficial housing solution


Phil Twyford is trying to convince construction firms and investors to begin building prefab houses in New Zealand in order to meet

New data shows Fees-Free a major flop

BY ACT at 25 June, 2018


New data released today by the Tertiary Education Commission shows that the Government’s flagship Fees-Free policy has been a major flop, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


The data shows that, despite the Government pouring $275 million into the programme this year, the number of equivalent full-time students at university has actually fallen by 0.3 per cent.


“The Government claimed Fees-Free would break down financial barriers to education.


It expected a 3