NZ First now kings of corporate welfare


“NZ First have taken over the National Party’s mantle as the kings of corporate welfare with its support of the horse racing industry”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


Radio New Zealand this morning reported that millions from the NZ First Re-Election Fund – also known as the Provincial Growth Fund – would go to build new all-weather racing facilities. This comes after earlier revelations the industry would be given tax breaks by the Government.


“Most New Zealanders will be outraged to know millions of tax dollars are going to build racetracks while teachers are in negotiations with the government for higher pay.


“After the Nats spent $13 billion on corporate welfare during their nine years in office, NZ First have put the Corporate Welfare State on steroids with the addition of the Provincial Growth Fund.


“Winston Peters’ support for the racing industry also risks creating the perception of American-style corruption. Peters and NZ First have taken large donations from the racing industry. In 2008, the Dominion Post reported that several donations totalling at least $150,000 had been made to NZ First from accounts linked to the Vela family.


“Kiwis need to remember the ultimate goal for Peters is NZ First’s survival at the next election – he’s spending their money to ensure it happens”, says Mr Seymour.