Only ACT can be trusted on trade

ACT Leader David Seymour welcomes ExportNZ’s new report, The Benefits of Trade, which reveals that trade brings in 43 per cent of New Zealand’s GDP.

“ACT has always been pro-free-trade. We’re the only party that can be trusted to aggressively pursue a free trade agenda, opening up overseas markets to New Zealand exporters and increasing Kiwis’ access to overseas goods.

“Anyone sceptical of the benefits of trade should imagine a New Zealand where goods couldn’t cross the Cook Strait. We’d all be poorer for it. Yet, this is what countries ensure when they pursue isolationist trade agendas.

“Labour and the Greens have been squarely on the anti-trade bandwagon for some time, painting foreign business as our enemy at every chance.

“National talks a good game on trade, but at the same time threatens to bring the 1970s’ protectionist Winston Peters into government.

“Only a stronger ACT will give National the backbone to keep Winston Peters where he belongs: in opposition with the rest of the anti-trade left.”