PM too embarrassed to face questions but won’t apologise


“In an unprecedented move, the Prime Minister today refused to answer a basic question over her Government’s immigration policy”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Asked to defend Phil Twyford’s infamous ‘Chinese-sounding surnames’ tactics, she wouldn’t. The Prime Minister wouldn’t even leave her seat. She was simply too embarrassed over her party’s racist ploy to blame house prices on migrants.


“She should be embarrassed, but that is no reason to evade ministerial accountability for her Government’s immigration policy. 


“Jacinda Ardern should apologise on behalf of the Labour Party – something she refused to do during the election campaign. 


“After a xenophobic campaign in which her party promised to slash immigration numbers by 20,000 to 30,000, the PM couldn’t even back up her assertions that migrants are fuelling the housing crisis.


“I asked the Prime Minister whether immigrants build more houses than they occupy. She gave a totally incoherent answer. She either has no idea or no evidence.


“The three parties that make up the Government have sought to blame numerous ills on law-abiding and hardworking migrants. 


“ACT is proud that New Zealand is a nation built on immigration. Openness to newcomers is part of our national DNA.


“Many of our businesses and public services either couldn’t function or would be much poorer without the infusion of new people and new ideas.


“The Government should stop its migrant-bashing and clarify its immigration policy immediately”, says Mr Seymour.