David Seymour

Seymour congratulates new Cabinet

ACT Leader David Seymour has congratulated the new Cabinet following the official swearing-in ceremony.

“Just as ACT maintained a productive relationship with the John Key-led Government, I expect to work well with Bill English’s Cabinet.

“ACT’s role over the coming year, and after the next election, is to be both a stabilising force and an ambitious voice for improving policy in New Zealand. We will force debate and progress on issues of raising the age of superannuation, cutting tax, and increasing housing supply.

Prime Minister must take a position on Super – now

Future retirees deserve to know what the new Prime Minister’s plans are for superannuation, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“As the former Finance Minister, Bill English knows that the numbers don’t stack up for keeping the superannuation age at 65. So why is he being so coy about his plans?” says Mr Seymour.

“He’s taken a step in the right direction by dropping John Key’s pledge to retain the age. But it’s also created serious uncertainty for savers. When it comes to long-term issues that affect people’s saving needs, certainty is vital.

Excuses to avoid tax cuts don’t stack up

The Government’s excuses for delaying tax cuts don’t stack up, says ACT Leader David Seymour in the wake of Treasury’s Half Year Update.

“Bill English admitted today that, even after earthquake costs are taken into account, a $473 million surplus remains. So why is Bill English talking down tax cuts when he knows he can afford them?

“We could, for example, update tax brackets to reflect changing incomes. It’s ridiculous that workers enter the top (33%) tax bracket when they earn just $70,000.

ACT congratulates John Key

“The ACT Party congratulates John Key on eight years as Prime Minister, and the noble way he has bowed out,” says ACT Leader David Seymour

“Under John’s leadership, the Government has steadfastly maintained New Zealand’s policy settings.  As a result, we remain at the top of almost every international league table for good policy settings. In the long term, all Prime Ministers are judged for the policies they leave behind, and John will be judged well.