Seymour offers to stand in for PM in housing debate

ACT Leader David Seymour has offered to take up Andrew Little’s challenge of a housing debate in Mount Albert.

“I’m happy to do the Prime Minister a favour and take his place in a housing debate against Andrew Little,” says Mr Seymour.

“Hopefully, the Prime Minister declined the challenge simply because he’s busy. But if the real issue is a lack of ideas from the Government, I’m happy to help out.

“ACT agrees with National that the main cause of the crisis is a housing shortage. Where we differ is that we actually have a plan to fix it, getting homes built.

“Meanwhile, Labour’s plan to punish investors and put the government in charge of home-building ignores the fundamental causes of our housing shortage.

“Andrew Little is right about one thing: people deserve a serious debate on how we can restore housing affordability.

“Or will Andrew Little, just like the big bad wolf, only huff and puff?”