Desperate euthanasia opponents either dishonest or innumerate

“It’s now impossible to deny public support for assisted dying,” says ACT Leader and End of Life Choice Bill sponsor David Seymour, “but that won’t stop the lowest opponents from stooping a little further.

Assisted Dying critics must be honest

Assisted Dying critics must be honest

“Assisted Dying critics must be honest in their campaign.” David Seymour, ACT Leader said today.

His statement comes after, a website asking people to write to Parliament's Health Select Committee on the inquiry into ending one’s life in New Zealand, was found to misrepresent an author’s view on assisted dying.

End of life choice

I have prepared a private member’s Bill giving people with a terminal illness or a grievous and irremediable medical condition the option of requesting medical aid in dying. The Bill has been lodged for ballot in Parliament. The End of Life Choice Bill allows those eligible, to choose the manner and timing of their final days, allowing them to end their life in peace and dignity, surrounded by loved ones. The motivation for this Bill is compassion.

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