Free Press - 20/02/2017

Bumper Conference
ACT is on the march and looking forward to our election year conference this Saturday at Orakei Bay. If you have been putting it off, it is not too late to register here. Not only will you be showing your support for ACT’s revival, but the program is filled with excellent speakers, entertainment, and don’t forget food.

Free Press - 30/01/2017

The Election is No Longer Next Year
That was our first thought on January 1st: election 2017 is upon us. ACT is better positioned than it has been for a decade. On the other hand, this will be the most fluid election since the pre-Key era (more on that below). Continued rational economic policy, let alone positive reform, will depend on ACT’s success.

ACT challenges new broom Judith to drain the corporate green-washing trough

The $3.5 million handed out via the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund is simply corporate welfare, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

The list of subsidised projects makes for stunning reading. The Government is essentially subsidising corporate green-washing.

Free Press - 19/12/2016

Free Advice
This week, in the spirit of Christmas, the Free Press is giving free advice to new Ministers. How would their jobs be different if ACT had more influence on the direction of the Government? We sketch out some draft agendas below. We’ll be taking a short break before returning in the new year.

Free Press - 5/12/2016

Congratulations to John Key
For eight years, John Key has successfully guided us through a financial crisis, the Rena disaster, and major seismic upheaval. All the while businesses have enjoyed the confidence to grow under a stable, orthodox economic programme. In resigning, John Key has pulled off the rare trick of recognising his own political mortality before having to experience it first-hand. More importantly however is the chance this gives him to reclaim a normal life with his family. He’s certainly earned it.

Free Press - 28/11/2016

Tax Cuts Endure Earthquake
News of the Kaikoura Earthquake has only temporarily derailed what will be one of the biggest issues in election year. Early estimates of $3 billion in recovery costs won’t come close to absorbing $20 billion of surpluses coming down the line over the next four years. The yesterdays of Labour, the Greens, and New Zealand First inventing things to spend enormous surpluses on are back.  They will campaign on spending enormous amounts of money – yours.

Free Press - 14/11/2016

We Picked It
Free Press was the only commentator to pick that Trump would win.  How did we do it?  The old fashioned way, we did not take our views from self-appointed commentators, we spoke to American voters. What makes anyone think the commentators who told us Trump could not win are any more accurate in their view
s on New Zealand politics?  If you want accurate predictions it pays to read Free Press

Free Press - 7/11/2016

Nice Knowing You
Free Press predicts Trump will be U.S. President.  We have been on the spot in the final days of elections and we know how it feels to bomb out.  Clinton is bombing out while Trump’s momentum is, as he would probably say, momentous.  We also predict that the fallout of Trump’s election will be like Brexit, terrifying the day before and unnoticed the day after.