ACT responds to Prime Minister’s statement

ACT Leader David Seymour has responded to the Prime Minister’s statement tabled in the House today, laying out ACT’s approach to the 2017 election.

“MMP is about coalitions. This election, voters will decide what coalition of parties lead the nation.

Highlights from the House – 22/12/2016

Welcome to this year’s last set of Highlights from the House.

The big issue this sitting period has been the change of Prime Minister. David Seymour spoke on the Prime Minister's resignation, firstly paying tribute, but also highlighting long term problems of housing supply and superannuation costs that have not been addressed over the last eight years.

Highlights from the House – 18/11/2016

For the past week Parliament has been focused on the victims of the recent earthquakes that have shook the country. It’s also been a good chance to acknowledge how Kiwis lend a hand in times of difficulty. ACT leader David Seymour shared some remarks in the House on Tuesday.