Mayoral Housing Taskforce adopts three ACT policies

BY David Seymour at 13 June, 2017

“Phil Goff’s Mayoral Housing Taskforce has adopted three of the ideas ACT laid out in our January State of the Nation address,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Replacing current building regulations with a mandatory insurance scheme is a potential game changer for construction industry. It will ensure developers can innovate, using new and more efficient construction methods and materials, while shouldering the cost if anything goes wrong.

Government must not turn motorists into cash cows

BY David Seymour at 7 June, 2017

ACT welcomes the Government’s commitment to revenue-neutral road pricing in Auckland, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT has long said that road pricing should make life easier for commuters, not turn them into cash cows. So ACT will hold the Government to account over its promise that road pricing won’t raise more revenue.

“Any revenue raised by road pricing should be offset with cuts to petrol tax. In fact, an effective road pricing system should