ACT Cautiously Welcomes BORA Move

BY ACT at 26 February, 2018


ACT has cautiously welcomed a decision in principle to amend the Bill of Rights Act to provide a statutory foundation for the courts to make declarations of inconsistency. 


“ACT has long championed New Zealanders’ personal rights and freedoms, especially in the area of regulatory reform. 


“The Bill of Rights Act is intended to protect New Zealanders against the actions of an overbearing State.


“It is noteworthy that other jurisdictions have declarations of inconsistency with a statutory

Massive Questions Remain over Government’s Foreign Home-Buyer Ban

BY ACT at 16 December, 2017


“The Government needs to immediately come clean over whether its foreign home-buyer ban breaches basic human rights and contravenes New Zealand’s trade deals with other countries”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


On Thursday, the Government introduced legislation which would ban foreign home-buyers. Treasury has now released the advice it provided to Ministers on the proposed ban. It raises a number of questions which the Government must immediately answer.


“First, is the ban consistent

Attorney-General busts myths on End of Life Choice Bill

BY David Seymour at 10 August, 2017

“I am pleased that the Attorney-General and the Ministry of Justice have agreed that my bill creates a framework for assisted dying that is consistent with the fundamental rights and freedoms of New Zealanders. This will provide reassurance to MPs when they vote on the Bill after this year’s election.”