Slash education bureaucracy, pay teachers more

BY ACT at 16 August, 2018


“The Government could provide a decent pay rise for striking teachers by cutting the fat from our education bureaucracy”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


Today, primary and intermediate school teachers strike for the first time in 24 years.


“The Ministry of Education employs over 2600 bureaucrats – that’s more than the number of schools in New Zealand. There’s been a more than 50 per cent increase in the number of Ministry staff

Seymour supports principals’ call

BY ACT at 1 July, 2018


Epsom MP and ACT Leader David Seymour is strongly supporting the coalition of principals questioning Education Minister Chris Hipkins’ NCEA Review after 40 principals representing 45,000 students signed an open letter to the Minister in today’s national papers.

“Principals from six out of seven major secondary schools in the Epsom Electorate, including State, Integrated and Independent Schools, have joined forces, calling Mr Hipkins’ NCEA Review a ‘fraught process.’ As the MP for Epsom, I

Govt to pay good and bad teachers equally

BY ACT at 13 May, 2018


Pay talks for primary school teachers begin today, with the Government set to increase salaries for poor teachers.


The NZEI wants a 16 per cent increase for its members. That would mean bad teachers would get a pay rise of at least several thousand dollars.


“It is wrong that the best teacher and the worst teacher are paid the same” says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“In nearly every industry in New

Will Labour Repeat Nats’ Fail Mark on NCEA?

BY ACT at 6 March, 2018


“The New Zealand Initiative’s new report Spoiled By Choice is a severe indictment on the National Party, whose targets for NCEA pass rates severely distorted the system, and a massive challenge for Labour, who are now promising change”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“The thoroughly-researched report calls New Zealand’s whole secondary school qualifications framework into question.


“I set this problem out in my election year book, Own Your Future, when I said: ‘The government understands the

Government’s Fees-Free Policy Will Widen Educational Inequality

BY ACT at 5 December, 2017

“Labour will tax hardworking New Zealanders to fund university for students that come from disproportionately upper and middle class families,” says ACT leader David Seymour.   “With $3 billion in new spending, and a plan to scrap Partnership Schools, this Government will widen the gap between those that are failed by our state schools and don’t make it to university, and those who have many choices available to them.   “Only 8% of kids that leave