Greenpeace ban would be lose-lose

BY ACT at 19 March, 2018


“A ban on oil and gas exploration as proposed by Greenpeace would put 11,000 jobs at risk and could harm the environment”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


The oil and gas industry creates thousands of jobs, contributes $2.5 billion to the New Zealand economy and $500 million to the Government in royalties each year.


“Not only would a ban on exploration make us poorer as a country, it would drive production of

National’s inaction on water helps Labour whack farmers

BY ACT at 10 August, 2017

National’s weakness and inaction on water has allowed Labour to fill a political void, whacking farmers and growers while they’re at it, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“National could have pre-empted Labour’s announcement with a water policy that protected both the environment and farmers. Instead, their complacency has led to farmers being threatened with punitive, politically-determined charges that will flow on to consumers too.

“National needs to move away from first-come first-served water use to a

ACT will bring back the birdsong

BY David Seymour at 31 May, 2017

ACT has joined the Environment Commissioner’s call to save our native birds, and has proposed a policy to do just that.

“Anyone can set a goal of eradicating pests. But when it’s a goal for 2050, it’s unenforceable and largely meaningless,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Commissioner says the Government lacks a plan of action. ACT has such a plan.

Plastic bag levy is science-free environmental populism

BY David Seymour at 17 October, 2016

ACT Leader David Seymour is urging MPs and pundits to consider overseas evidence showing the unintended consequences of plastic bag levies, as a bill on the issue is being introduced to the private members’ ballot.

“It’s a nice piece of environmental populism, but laws should be judged on their actual environmental effects, not just their intentions. A levy might reduce plastic bag use, but there would be substitution effects as people switch to reusable plastic

ACT pulls support for Kermadecs bill

BY David Seymour at 14 September, 2016

ACT has pulled its support for the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary Bill due to the Government’s failure to acknowledge the existing property rights of fishing operators.

“This Bill amounts to an uncompensated regulatory taking, likely to cause real harm to the livelihoods of those in the fishing industry,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. “Existing operators, both Maori and non-Maori, should be compensated for their losses at the very least, if not consulted before the fact.