No foreign aid until Nauru respects basic rights

BY ACT at 5 September, 2018


“The New Zealand Government should be sending Nauru a stern warning that millions in foreign aid will be cut if it does not respect basic human rights”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


Authorities in Nauru detained TVNZ reporter Barbara Dreaver for interviewing refugees on the island.


“A free press is a critical part of a democratic society and no state should interfere with journalists doing their jobs.


“New Zealand taxpayers will

Massive Questions Remain over Government’s Foreign Home-Buyer Ban

BY ACT at 16 December, 2017


“The Government needs to immediately come clean over whether its foreign home-buyer ban breaches basic human rights and contravenes New Zealand’s trade deals with other countries”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


On Thursday, the Government introduced legislation which would ban foreign home-buyers. Treasury has now released the advice it provided to Ministers on the proposed ban. It raises a number of questions which the Government must immediately answer.


“First, is the ban consistent

Where do Hipkins’ loyalties lie?

BY David Seymour at 15 August, 2017

Chris Hipkins has ruled himself out of contention as a Minister in the next Government, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

Boris Johnson, embrace free movement between NZ, Australia, UK, and Canada

BY David Seymour at 25 July, 2017

As British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson winds up his visit, ACT Leader David Seymour is renewing calls for the introduction of a free movement zone between New Zealand and historic allies Australia, Britain, and Canada.

“In a joint statement today, Gerry Brownlee and Boris Johnson said ‘Our two countries enjoy and promote shared values – open, liberal markets, peace and security, human rights, democracy and respect for international norms.’

“This holds true for Australia and

Only ACT can be trusted on trade

BY David Seymour at 7 July, 2017

ACT Leader David Seymour welcomes ExportNZ’s new report, The Benefits of Trade, which reveals that trade brings in 43 per cent of New Zealand’s GDP.

“ACT has always been pro-free-trade. We’re the only party that can be trusted to aggressively pursue a free trade agenda, opening up overseas markets to New Zealand exporters and increasing Kiwis’ access to overseas goods.

“Anyone sceptical of the benefits of trade should imagine a New Zealand where goods