New Zealand First must put up or shut up on TPP II

BY David Seymour at 20 May, 2017

New Zealand First’s opposition to TPP II shows why we cannot risk giving Winston Peters the balance of power, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“A renewed TPP would mean access to enormous overseas markets for New Zealand businesses.

“If it had to go before the current Parliament, it would pass – only just. The unknown is whether New Zealand First would block it in a future government. They’ve always treated campaigning and governing as completely

Let’s embrace free trade and a renewed TPP

BY David Seymour at 19 May, 2017

“ACT stands behind the Government’s pursuit of a renewed Trans Pacific Partnership,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. “This action continues New Zealand’s modern tradition as a flagbearer of free trade and openness to the world.

Greens attack Trump, end up sounding just like him

BY David Seymour at 18 May, 2017

James Shaw’s comment that Donald Trump is “the most dangerous person since Adolf Hitler” begs the question of just what planet the Greens are living on, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“This is the type of hyperbole you’d expect from Trump himself. With lines like this, the Greens might just be New Zealand’s most Trump-esque party.

A good day for New Zealand’s Trump movement

BY David Seymour at 24 January, 2017

ACT Leader David Seymour says he hopes New Zealand’s Trump movement, consisting of Labour, the Greens, and New Zealand First, are happy now that the U.S. is out of the TPP.

Mr Seymour described the parties as New Zealand’s Trump movement as far back as May last year, and stands by the characterization today.

“These guys protest Trump’s attitude to women and minorities, then buy into anti-trade rhetoric that is based on the same resentment

ACT: There’s more to American democracy than Trump

BY ACT at 9 November, 2016

ACT Leader David Seymour responds to the US election result:

“This result will certainly concern many New Zealanders, but American democracy reflects the will of American voters. This result should be respected, and ACT offers its congratulations to president-elect Trump.

“The American government is not defined by whoever holds the presidency, but by the web of governors, senators, congress members, appointees, and judges who together abide by strict checks and balances. In particular, the US