No moral high ground on Saudi sheep deal

BY ACT at 2 November, 2016

ACT Leader David Seymour responds to the Auditor General’s report on the Saudi sheep deal:

“Wasteful deal-making like this is the natural consequence of a culture of corporate welfare,” says Mr Seymour. “The Saudi sheep deal only escapes being labelled ‘corrupt’ by virtue of how common these arrangements are across all New Zealand Governments.

“This Government had already supported deals for SkyCity and Warner Brothers, and deserve to be embarrassed now that a

Urgent Debate – Auditor-General’s report on the Saudi Arabia Food Security Partnership

BY David Seymour at 2 November, 2016

DAVID SEYMOUR (Leader—ACT): The events that led to the Auditor-General’s report and this debate are the result of Government acting outside what should be its proper role. The proper role of government is to provide a limited basket of public goods and a regulatory environment in which real business people can get on with building their businesses, not politicians attempting to be business people with taxpayers’ money. If you begin at the beginning of

ACT mourns for Orlando

BY David Seymour at 13 June, 2016

ACT is deeply saddened by the recent shooting in Orlando.

“Our sympathies lie with the innocent victims and their families,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“It is vital that we stand by our values of freedom and tolerance, and condemn those who promote hatred, whether they are from within or outside New Zealand.

“This crime shows government and civil society must remain alert to the threat posed by those who do not share our liberal

TPP protesters embarrass New Zealand and themselves

BY David Seymour at 4 February, 2016

ACT Leader David Seymour says those involved in the ugly scenes outside Sky City should have stayed home and read about the benefits of trade or, better still, gone to work.

“Today is a chance to showcase New Zealand on the world stage. Instead, international media is broadcasting ugly, self-righteous hooliganism,” said Mr Seymour.

“They picked a bad year to protest.  After 30 years of increasing trade, global absolute poverty will fall below 10 per

Government Motion – Terrorist attacks in Paris

BY Danae Smith at 18 November, 2015

DAVID SEYMOUR (Leader—ACT): On behalf of the ACT Party, I would like to add my voice to those who have gone before and express the deepest sympathy and condolence to the victims, their families, and those still recovering from injury, but also to all of the French people in this time of great suffering. As earlier speakers have alluded to, this attack does lead to questions about how a society like ours, which has been