Speaker rules out foreign buyer amendment

BY ACT at 25 June, 2018


“Speaker Trevor Mallard has ruled out a Government amendment that attempted to give special favours to a particular development.


“This is an extraordinary step. I’m told it’s the first time in a decade that a Speaker has ruled out a public bill because it tried to do special favours for a particular group.


“It is symptomatic of what a ham-fisted piece of legislation the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill is.


“After 220

Government should heed warning on protectionism

BY ACT at 19 April, 2018


“Jacinda Ardern’s government is being warned that its protectionism will scare away foreign investors”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


Documents released by Treasury show the Government’s restrictions on overseas investment in rural land may ‘negatively affect New Zealand’s attractiveness as a destination for overseas investment’ and may have ‘unintended consequences and complicate the assessment of overseas investments the Government may wish to facilitate.’


“The Government pays lip service to

Jacinda tries to re-write history in new interview

BY ACT at 18 April, 2018


“Jacinda Ardern is trying to re-write history with comments that she ran an ‘outward facing’ election campaign”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


In a new interview, the Prime Minister said ‘The suggestion in any way that New Zealand wasn’t an open outward facing country, the suggestion that I was leading something that was counter to that value, made me extremely angry.’


“Labour’s policy during the election campaign was to cut immigration numbers

Foreign Home-Buyer Ban Driven By Populist Hysteria

BY ACT at 19 December, 2017


“The Government’s decision to ban foreign home-buyers shows it is all too willing to bow to populist pressure and is unserious about tackling the housing crisis”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“The evidence from jurisdictions which have restricted foreign home-buyers is that these measures do not work. Hong Kong, Vancouver, Sydney and Melbourne have all banned or taxed foreign home-buyers and yet are still in the top ten least-affordable cities in the world

Massive Questions Remain over Government’s Foreign Home-Buyer Ban

BY ACT at 16 December, 2017


“The Government needs to immediately come clean over whether its foreign home-buyer ban breaches basic human rights and contravenes New Zealand’s trade deals with other countries”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


On Thursday, the Government introduced legislation which would ban foreign home-buyers. Treasury has now released the advice it provided to Ministers on the proposed ban. It raises a number of questions which the Government must immediately answer.


“First, is the ban consistent